Bird Pest Control

Bird Pest Control

Bird pest control is important because pest birds can create health-related problems through their faeces, including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. Bird droppings may also cause damage to property and equipment. Bird pest control is the generic name for methods to eliminate or deter pest birds from landing, roosting and nesting.

All You Need to Know About Bird Pest Control

Birds can be a massive nuisance if you let them roam around your house or business. What makes matters even worse is that they are bigger than regular pests and can cause loads of issues if they breed. If you are having a hard time getting rid of the birds in your house, continue reading this piece as we will discuss everything you need to know about controlling the situation.

House sparrows, starlings and pigeons are the most common birds that tend to be problematic for home owners. Here is a list of steps you should consider for effective bird pest control:

Bird Pest Control – Things that Work

  • Reduce or try to eliminate as much standing water as possible. Birds tend to gather in areas where there is too much water, creating a messy situation
  • Thoroughly clean each room in your house and cover your trashcans
  • Feeding pest birds is never a good idea, as it could attract more birds to your house down the line
  • Clean your gutters properly to remove standing, stagnant water
  • Consider changing the food you keep inside feeders to keep pest birds away. If the birds are being too problematic, it would be best to avoid using feeders, particularly during warmer weathers
  • Trim and prune any tree that attracts pest birds

Keeping Birds Away Using Exclusion

  • Seal or caulk the openings that allow smaller birds to enter your premises. Believe it or not sparrows and pigeons can make their way through small gaps and starlings with ease
  • Block your house’s loft, eave, and vent openings using durable plywood, netting, or wire mesh
  • Consider using door strips if the pest birds enter through your door. The best thing about these strips is that they can prevent pest birds without shutting the entryway completely

Bird Control Products Can Work Wonders

  • Attaching plastic netting or nylon on the lower part of the rafters is a great way to prevent pest birds from entering your premises. This can be especially helpful to steer clear from issues like roosting and nesting.
  • Using non-toxic, sticky repellents at any area populated by pest birds could help you minimize bird roosting and landing. Products like these require regular maintenance, as they tend to collect dirt and dust.
  • If you are really getting fed up with the birds at your house, using live traps like mists, decoys, nest boxes, funnel traps etc. could be a wise choice. It is arguably the most humane way to exterminate birds, and they provide you with an effective bird control solution.

You can consider bird nest removal (if that is allowed where you live). However, doing this all by yourself can be quite tedious and difficult. Despite the helpful tips mentioned above, it would be best if you enlisted the services of a reliable bird pest control company like Effective Pest Control to get a professional bird pest solution for your house. Our professional technicians use ultrasonic bird repellers and various other devices for effective bird removal.

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