Get Rid of Rats!

Get Rid of Rats!

Every year rats cause huge damage to apartments, homes and offices. So, it’s very important to get rid of rats as soon as possible. If you don’t remove rats quickly, they can cause a lot of issues and stress to you. Rats cause structural damage to a building, chew...
Bird Mites Pest Control

Bird Mites Pest Control

These are bird mites coming down from a birds nest in the attic of this house in Dublin. We treated this problem with an insecticide in attic and removed birds nest and advised client to get roof fixed so problem wouldn’t come back the following year. Call Effective...

We now do fly screens

At Effective Pest Control Dublin, we’re recently recruited new staff; one of whom has been building custom fly screens for the last 14 years for another big pest control company. We’ve set up a sister website to specifically cater for the fly screens...

When to call the exterminator

Calling the exterminator to get rid of your pest can be a last resort.  An exterminator is usually an expert in certain types of pest control services – from wasp nest removal to finding where the rats are getting in and blocking them off. Exterminators these...
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