Please find below a number of frequently asked questions about pest control and pest removal, if there is a question you want answered please:

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Q. Can you a guarantee that you will solve my problem?

A. All our pest control treatments and technicians come with our guarantee that your problem will be solved.

Q: There are lots of tiny little crawling insects in the kitchen presses-what are they and how do we get rid of them?

A: We will need to ID these insects and when we know what we are dealing with we will then treat the problem. Depending on what we find one or more treatments will be required.

Q: I have a dog. Will you still be able to treat my house and garden for rats?

A: Yes. All baits are secured inside tamper proof bait boxes.

Q: I think I have rats or mice. I have not seen them but have found droppings and gnawed items. Will you be able to determine which?

A: Yes. Rats and mice can be identified from their droppings and other signs and clues and treated accordingly.

Q: I have rats or mice in my house but I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t see how they’ve got in?

A: Rats and mice really appreciate your property, its warm, dry, safe from predators and there will be food close by. Rats and mice have very specialised bodies to enable them to squeeze through tight places. A rat can squeeze itself through a hole smaller than the size of a 50cent piece and a mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a 5cent piece. With that in mind you can understand that it is no reflection on you or your house that they have got in, they are just very successful animals albeit uninvited. Inspection for areas of entry and proofing advice will be provided to customers during treatment.

Q: There is a wasp nest under the eaves of my house but there is a conservatory below it so you will not be able to use ladders to reach it. Will you still be able to treat it?

A: Yes. Special extending equipment is used for this type of situation so as long as the equipment can reach, it can still be treated.

Q: We only see these insects at night, they go when the light is turned on-I’ve looked it up on the internet and I think they are silverfish-what causes them and what do you do to control them?

A: Silver fish and also woodlice are usually associated with dampness. We can treat the problem and kill what is there but if the underlying problem is not rectified the original problem will return.

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