Get Rid of Rats!

Every year rats cause huge damage to apartments, homes and offices. So, it’s very important to get rid of rats as soon as possible.

If you don’t remove rats quickly, they can cause a lot of issues and stress to you. Rats cause structural damage to a building, chew through electric cables and plumbing and pose the threat of fire and flooding.

Rats can transmit diseases and cause health issues. Rats produce droppings and contaminate surfaces as well as foods.

Do you have a rat infestation?  Hire Effective Pest Control and well take care of it.

Let’s try to dig deeper into the rat pest control process!

What are the Different Rat Species?

Rats can become a big problem for any type of building. Rats can be found both in homes and business premises.

Among the most rat species that are found in Ireland are the brown rat (also known as common rat) as well as the black rat (also known as ship rat). There are some differences between these two species of rat.

The brown rat weighs from approximately 130 to 500 gram. The brown rat is almost two times larger than a black rat.  The black rat weighs from approx. 75 to 230 gram.

Rats have excellent hearing and they hear much better than cats and dogs. Rats feel the taste and smell very well.

Rats prefer to live in places where they can get easy access to food sources. Rats eat almost all kinds of food that humans also eat.

The Importance of a Rat Pest Control Program

Rats breed quickly. A small rat problem can turn into a big one if you don’t resolve it in time.

So, you should do your best to resolve a rat problem at the early stages. There are many reasons why you need to do rat pest control.

Rats transmit diseases to humans via their urine. Rats are responsible for transmitting serious diseases such as:

  • E-Coli
  • Listeria
  • Tuberculosis
  • Salmonella
  • Weil’s disease
  • and others

Rats can also bring fleas, ticks and other parasites to your living environment.

The teeth of rats constantly grow and that’s the reason why rodents need to chew something all the time. Rats chew through materials to wear down their teeth.

Chewing can result in significant damage. When rats invade the living environment, they begin to gnaw cables, furniture, pipes and under floors.

If rats chew through electrical cables, they can cause fires. When rats chew through plumbing, they can cause flooding.

Rats are not good for your business’ reputation. If your clients see rats or signs of a rat infestation on your business premises, they may not buy your products or services.

You need to identify rats and do rat pest control effectively to prevent these kinds of problems from happening. Get rid of rats once and for all and don’t allow them to ruin your happiness.

Signs of a Rat Infestation in Your Home

Rat pest control always begins with identifying rat problems. Here are the most common rat infestation signs:

Rat Droppings

A rat can have up to 40 droppings per night. You’ll see rat droppings if they are in your building or home.

Scratching Noises

Are you hearing grinding noises in your house? Rats make scratching noises when chewing through stuff in a house.

Rat Tracks

Do you see foot and tail marks on the floor of your house? That means that you have a rat problem.

Rat Damage

Rats are unlikely to go unnoticed in your home. Sooner or later, you will notice damaged electrical cables, damaged wood, damaged or torn food packaging and other types of damage.

If left unmanaged, rats can cause a lot of damage. So, you should get serious about the problem and do rat pest control effectively.

Do you see signs of rats? If so, contact Effective Pest Control experts for help immediately!

How to Get Rid of Rats Fast

Doing rat pest control yourself can be hard. This type of work requires special knowledge, experience, skills and equipment.

It would be better to contact a rat exterminator to get the problem solved successfully. At Effective Pest Control, we are highly experienced in dealing with rat infestations.

It all begins with an inspection. Initially, highly trained and fully equipped rat control specialists inspect a building or home and check it for rats.

If a rat infestation is found during an inspection, professionals will advise you upon an appropriate treatment solution. After that, a treatment program tailored to your rat problem will be developed.

Effective Pest Control makes a difference as a rat exterminator that uses effective and safe rat control solutions. We will help you get rid of rats quickly and successfully.

While doing rat control work, we meet the strict guidelines about the use of chemicals. Each of our professionals gets ongoing training on rat pest control guidelines and techniques.

Our technicians have experience in treating rat infestations in homes and businesses. They would be happy to take care of your rat problem.

Do Rat Control to Prevent a Rat Problem from Happening

Removing rats is only half the battle. It’s also necessary to take preventive measures to avoid further rat infestations.

  • Floor vents, gaps in doors and other entry points for rats have to be eliminated.
  • Repair drains in your living environment if such a need arises.
  • Oftentimes, food attracts rats to a living environment. Throw your trash away and keep your living environment clean both inside and outside.

At Effective Pest Control, we will provide you with effective rat control solutions and take all the necessary actions to prevent rats from coming back. Follow our pest prevention advice to get rid of rats once and for all!

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