How to get rid of bedbugs

Once you know that you have bedbugs, this is a quick guide (with a great video) on how to get rid of bedbugs.

First of bedbugs come in different forms so it’s important to recognise them. This is the first step to getting rid of bedbugs. From eggs, larvae to fully grown adults, when getting rid of bedbugs it is important to identify what you are looking for. In the below images there is real footage of live bedbugs.

So once you have identified that you have bedbugs to handle, this is a guideline to follow. While there are a lot of things you can do to minimise the spread of them, you will ultimately have to call in specialists for full extermination.

1. Contact a professional pest control company. They will apply chemicals and do up to 4 rounds (takes up to 30 days) to ensure all bedbugs are exterminated.
2. Empty all your cupboards, drawers and even remove your curtains and apply heat to them. This can either be by putting them in the tumble dryer for up to half an hour, steaming them or creating a ‘hot room’. Bed bugs die at 50 degrees celcius.
3. Check bedside lockers, alarm clocks or other electrical devices in the bedroom. Small bugs can climb in and out of the smallest holes.
4. Bedbugs notoriously like electrical sockets. Only let a professional handle this.
5. Vacuum using a special vacuum (with HEPA filter) all surfaces including all upholstery, curtains etc. thoroughly. Steaming may be required (remember heat kills bedbugs).
6. Once you have removed all bedbugs out of your gear (even check books, behind picture frames – ANYTHING) put them into some isolation – like a plastic bag so bedbugs can’t get back into them (until the pest control specialist has sorted it out)
6a. Special bedbug mattress covers are available upon request.
7. Once you have ‘bedbug proofed’ your articles it’s time for the professional to come in. He will get to the places you couldn’t plus he has the gear that exterminates them ultimately. It can take up to 4 visits, over a 30 day period to completely eradicate bedbugs.

Watch the video – it’s very good.

So now you how to get rid of bedbugs – and call us when you need them exterminated.

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