How To Get Rid Of Wasp Nests

Wasps are usually considered pests – especially when there is wasp nest either directly in your house on in the vicinity. But they are actually do a lot of work for you including pollination, killing of other bugs and insects including those that attack your garden. But as wasps sting and generally you don’t like having them around, you’d want to know how to get rid of wasp nests.

A queen wasp will set up a colony – here’s a picture from Wikipedia that shows a queen wasp setting up a wasp nest. 

Once the wasp nest is set up the queen will lay her eggs and the wasp colony will build itself.   If not impeded and various factors such as food and good weather are abundantly available, the wasp nest will thrive in a matter of weeks.

A wasp nest is usually set up in a hollow, warm and dry place.   Domestically you will usually find them setting up a nest underneath guttering, veranda, in the shed, the attic or inside a wall hollow.

Wasps will not generally attack you unless you seem like a danger to them.  Due to having hundreds of wasps around not being exactly pleasant, the need to exterminate or move them becomes necessary.

Most pest control companies will exterminate the wasp colony, but they can quite easily be moved as well causing minimal damage to the wasp ‘community’.  But to exterminate a wasp nest here’s what you can do:

1. Wear protective clothing – make sure you’re fully covered allowing nowhere for a wasp to crawl in – you will inevitably be attacked.

2. Use a spray or powder that kills the wasps or that blocks up the wasps nest.

3. Leave it for a day until the colony has died.  There may be some random wasps around so when you come back you make sure the rest are dead and that the queen wasp has been killed – otherwise she’ll start another wasp nest just as she did before.

If wasp nest removal is too much or you’ve already tried but it didn’t work, contact us and we’ll be out within 24 hours to eliminate the problem.

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