How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are hardy insects that love to breed.   If you have 1000 cockroaches in your premises and you don’t do anything about it – in 6 months time this amount will have multiplied by 10 – ie 10000. Here is how to recognise them and some tips on how to get rid of cockroaches!

Cockroaches are the bane of restaurant or facility health and safety since they will show up pretty much everywhere there is a bit of warmth and some scraps to eat.

Cockroaches can lay a case of up to 40 eggs each.  They grow from being a baby cockroach to adult – there are no other stages involved.  They hide wherever they can – preferably in a warm place.  A very common place would be behind a fridge because it can be nice and warm there.  Cockroaches normally won’t come out until night time so you during the day you’d seldom see them.  Cockroaches can be as big as just a few millimeters to approximately 2 centimeters.

Cockroaches can be exterminated dyi style – for example with sprays or gels; but it’s nasty work which takes time so as the saying goes, if you want it done properly, call the professional but by all means give it a shot yourself.

Cockroaches aren’t necessarily dangerous – but if you have them, it can often be a sign of bad hygiene in the first place.  So another way to ensure cockroaches will die/leave your premises is by ensuring health and safety are totally up to par – leaving no dirty surfaces everywhere, kitchens and store rooms left impeccable and fridges and stores sealed.

Cockroaches can carry disease as well thus will spoil any good food.  Any establishment that has cockroaches which aren’t being exterminated effectively, may end up being shut down by health and safety authority.

Video of a Cockroach infestation:

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