How to recognise bedbugs

Bed bugs are becoming a problem more and more in Ireland; brought in from foreign countries and being spread from there. Here is a great video that explains how to recognise bedbugs and what you could do about them.

For example – a friend goes on holiday to Spain and the hotel or place he is staying in has bedbugs. You get a couple of red ‘bite’ spots when you are in Spain but don’t see any bedbugs or in most cases, you haven’t even heard of bedbugs so you don’t associate them with the red bites – maybe a spider bit, another insect or a zip…. You come back home and you’ve carried a few bedbugs back from Spain. They start breeding, laying thousands of eggs and these start hatching. You children or pets may go into your room and carry a bedbug. They meet other people/go to peoples houses and it spreads from there.

Bed bugs are not associated with dirt as would cockroaches, they just carry around.

Are you feeling itchy already?

For a professional bed bug inspection or if you know you have them and need them exterminated, contact us today.

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