Moths Pest Control

Moths Pest Control

There are three types of moths that cause most of the problems around a house. Two damage fabrics, for example the “Clothes Moth” will tend to damage all clothes, while the “Brown House Moth” damage specialises in damage to animal-based textiles such as leather, wool and feathers. The “White Shouldered House Moth” does not tend to damage fabrics, however it does lay its eggs in food. In fact it is not the adult moths which are the main problem of a moth infestation, although obviously they can be annoying buzzing around your head. It is actually the larvae, or moth caterpillars, which are the main problem though, as they are the ones that make holes in fabrics as they eat and grow. Those which are hatched in food use the food for nourishment and to build a cocoon. Moth control is therefore clearly a very urgent issue, although moths do not actually pose a risk to your health.

Moths may not be the most dangerous pests out there, but you must still get rid of them. This pest has 2 pairs of wings and large eyes. As far as sizes go, they can significantly vary depending on the type of species. Some moth species have metallic colors while others are grey or brown. Getting rid of moths can be quite difficult, which is why it is advised to get hold of a reliable moth pest control service

That said, you can still reduce the amount of moths in your home by learning how you got them in the first place.

Where Do Moths Come From?

There are several types of moths, however, people generally encounter pantry and clothes moths. These insects are attracted to various household items that they end up using as a source of food or a place to breed. Pantry moths tend to eat dried items like spices, flours, nuts, grains, chocolate etc. On the other hand, clothes moths are quite different as they infest upholstery and clothing made out of animal skin.

Are Moths Dangerous?

The amount of damage a moth can do generally depends on the infestation. Of course, a massive population of moths inside your house can lead to loads of issues. Some moths even tend to leave feces and holes in garments, costing people a pretty penny. You may need to throw some of your clothes and foods away because of the contamination caused by these pests.

How to Remove Moths from Your House

Here is a list of things worth considering to remove moths from your house:

  • Fumigation
  • Regular monitoring
  • Educating yourself about moth infestation
  • Treatment plan and inspection

Contrary to popular belief, using common pesticides for moth infestations is not a good idea. This is why you should be very careful when investigating a moth infestation. Look for materials that are attracting these pests and consider throwing them away.

How to Identify a Moth Infestation

Signs of moth infestation mainly depend on the type of species. For instance, you can spot indoor moths because of their massive size. On the other hand, moths that feed on fabric are smaller and are often hidden in clothes and other fabrics. They tend to leave behind cocoons, webbings, and droppings, which is a clear indicator of their presence.

While these pests don’t cause any harm to living creatures, they can ruin your house, food, and various other items, costing you a great deal of money if you aren’t proactive. Interesting fact about moths – they generally do not like light and avoid it as much as they can. Most moths tend to hide in dark areas like closets, attics and basements.

Why You Should Get a Professional Moth Pest Control Service

The worst thing about moths is that they can infest your house long before you notice their presence. Whether it is a white cabbage moth, Mediterranean floor moth or any other type, they can cause substantial damage to your furnishings, clothing etc. So, it would be best to call or email Effective Pest Control to address this issue, making sure you don’t have to worry about these pests contaminating your stuff. We can take care of moth pest control, cabbage moths and similar issues providing you excellent moth control solutions.

There are a number of ways of dealing with moths including chemicals, fly screens (to keep them out) and more.

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