Mouse Control & Exterminators

mouse control dublinMice will live and slowly destroy your house or premises if allowed to do so.  Effective Pest Control carry out Mouse Control & Mouse Extermination in Dublin and surrounds on a regular basis.
Effective Pest Control is interested in handling a mouse problem once and puts in place a number of preventative measures so the problem does not recur.  One of these preventative measures is educating home and premises owners about the cause of mouse infestations and what can be done to prevent a mouse infestation in the first place.

How to tell if you have mice in your house/premises:

There are usual tell-tale signs that you have mice in your house.  Mouse droppings (little pellets), food packaging in dry cupboards has holes in it or rustling at night when the house has settled down.

How to Control Mice?

To keep mice out of your house in the first place:

  • Keep your home clean.  This includes clean toilets, kitchen etc.
  • Put all food away in mouse-proof cupboards – don’t leave any food; after all the reasons the mice are in your home are a. shelter and b. food.
  • Ensure all exterior doors fit tight and snug.
  • Seal any openings – such as cracks, vents (with mesh), wire or pipe runs, conduits etc.
  • Elimination of any leaks.


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Mice gain entrance via UPC or sky cable box at side of house

This is very common. Wind blows door off UPC or sky cable box at side of house and mice can gain entry in to cavity and then to attic and then down walls.

entry point for rats and mice

This is a broken air vent for a clothes dryer and a possible entry point for rats and mice.

Mouse Hole through attic insulation.

Mouse Hole through attic insulation.