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Wasps are one of the nastiest pests out there, so if you have a wasps nest nearby you’ll want to get the pest control professionals in as soon as possible to come and get rid of it. Most people are frightened of wasps, and with good reason, but some try to perform their own wasp removal service anyway. This is a bad idea as pest control experts are the only ones fully trained in wasp removal, and are the only ones with the proper equipment to do it effectively and safely.  Wasp nest removal should only ever be done by a skilled professional.

Wasp Nest Removal – what is involved

Wasps hibernate over the winter period usually only the Queen will survive and lay her eggs. Other wasps can be very aggressive during the winter months, with the cold season they can take shelter in your home, in attics, under floor boards especially places which are dry and hold the heat. Sprays will kill wasps but seldom solve the problem. The way wasp removal that is carried out is not actually to destroy the nest. In fact, as wasps very rarely re-use their nest, it can be left where it is.
[WPCR_INSERT] Instead, a special powder is either injected into the nest, or left at the entrance, so that as the wasps come and go they pick it up on their feet. This powder kills the wasps, and as they all have to come back to or leave the nest, it ensures that it gets all of them. This is the safest and most effective wasp removal technique, and can only be carried out by pest control professionals because you have to be qualified to get access to the material necessary to do this. The process is quick, and always effective, meaning that it won’t be long before your nightmare with wasps is over.

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