Rat Control & Extermination

rat control imageRats carry disease and will destroy your house or premises if allowed to do so.  Effective Pest Control carry out rat control & rat extermination in Dublin and surrounds on a regular basis.
Effective Pest Control is interested in handling a rat problem once and puts in place a number of preventative measures so the problem does not recur.  One of these preventative measures is educating home and premises owners about the cause of rat infestations and what can be done to prevent a rat infestation in the first place.

First of, where (outside) do rats live?

  • In or under peat or wood piles garden cuttings left outside.
  • In or under bushes and vines as well as in tall grasses
  • Under paving, stones, or decorative rocks
  • In fridges, sofas, car bonnets that are left outside and are not being used.
  • Exposed rubbish or dirt
  • Underneath garden sheds or even underneath your house!

How about inside?

  • In between walls or ceilings
  • The love the attic
  • In spaces behind fridges, larders, behind bathtubs, hot-press and other small crawl spaces
  • Near hot water heaters and furnaces
  • In garages or basements
  • Any other places that are not commonly visited – like storage spaces.

What attracts rats to my building/premises:

  • Rubbish – anything left exposed is prone to be picked up by rats.
  • Food left outside for pets – like dog food or bird seed.
  • Organic edibles
  • Any animal excrement such as that of a dog or cat


How do rats survive when in my house/premises?

Rats are very hardy and can go for a long time with no food.  However they will eat almost anything such as:

  • Anything we eat – meat, vegetables or grains
  • Spilled food or sauces
  • Cereal, dirty cupboards, rice, a dirty oven has lots of food for rats
  • Rubbish

Preventative actions:

Now you know what attracts rats, what can you do to prevent them coming into your home:

  • The key is not to provide them with any inkling of space to live or food to eat.
  • Keep rubbish when outside closed and inaccessible by anything.  A properly closed wheelie bin or container is sufficient.
  • Make sure your compost doesn’t contain meat
  • Clean up after your dog/cat has done something around the house/garden
  • Tidy away any uneaten pet food outside.
  • Keep your place neat and tidy.  Rats love dirt and rubbish
  • Keep food in contained cupboards that are rat/rodent proof.  Keep food in containers that prevent rats from eating/chewing them.
  • Cover with grates as necessary (otherwise concrete) any holes or opening into your house or premises.  This includes any holes or openings in or by the roof.  Rats can climb very well
  • Keep your sinks and toilets clean and rinse regularly with bleach

For professional Rat Control and Rat Extermination Dublin, call Effective Pest Control on (086) 233 7727


Hole under rear of house - perfect entrance for rats and other vermin to enter the house.

Hole under rear of house – perfect entrance for rats and other vermin to enter the house.


entry point for rats and mice

This is a broken air vent for a clothes dryer and a possible entry point for rats and mice.


Rats more or less live in sewers. The gap u see ref picture in the middle is what happens over time when ground beneath subsides and rodent can enter under house through this gap. A rat can fit through a gap slightly over a half inch or chew it’s way through the pvc at a sewer junction when rodent gets under house it then makes its way up cavity wall to attic space.


 Rat burrow in back garden

Rat burrow in back garden

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