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The first, and perhaps most important part of ant Pest control, is attitude. And if you have an ant infestation, be under no illusion, you are at war. If you think of your home as your castle, then good, it should not be difficult to understand that an invading army has got inside the walls. Okay, so that might be a bit dramatic, but actually thinking of it as a war might help to make sense of the methods that have to be undertaken. And if you have young children, it might make it fun for them to think of it that way, and mean they will do all the things they will have to do, like clearing up crumbs.

However, to get a proper assessment of which species of ant you have to deal with, as well as the best way to deal with them, you will have to contact a qualified expert, who will be able to formulate the best ant control plan for you.

Ants Pest Control

Ants in Ireland are quite common. Although you may think that the climate is unsuitable for ants, the fact remains that ants are very resilient and able to adapt to varying temperatures throughout the country. So whether you live in Dublin or Cork, there are things you should know about ant pest control in your home.

What Kinds of Ants Does Ireland Have?

There are many different species of ants in Ireland. Each one has its own behaviours, tendencies and favourite living conditions. Identifying what kind of ant pests are in or around your home is key for your ant exterminator to decide on how to control and get rid of them.

Garden Ants

Garden ants are the most common variety to be found in Ireland. When these ants stay outside in their natural habitat, they can be innocuous or even helpful in the garden. However, when they infiltrate the home, they can be problematic. Garden ants are between four and five mm in length and they are dark brown to black in colour. They do not sting. Garden ants are foragers, and can quickly pick up food scents. They are fond of sweeter foods like baked goods and sugar. Bear in mind that one granule of sugar is enough to incite a food chain trail of garden ants in the kitchen. An ant exterminator may use a specific garden ant killer treatment to rid your property of these kinds of ants.

Pharaoh Ants

This kind of ant is noticeably thinner than a common garden ant. They are also shorter, with workers averaging about 1.5 to 2 mm long. They are yellowish brown with a darker lower body (abdomen). They have two long protruding antennae that are hard to miss. Most obviously, Pharaoh Ants can produce wings in adulthood, but these fall away shortly after mating. They are attracted to morsels of dead meat, fat and even blood and are mostly a nuisance in hospitals. You’re more likely to encounter this kind of ant in the hot and humid seasons.

Ghost Ants

Ghost ants are very hard to see, as their name implies. Their body is transparent and they are only about 1.5 mm in length. They will eat almost anything, but prefer sweeter foods like honey and molasses. They also are attracted to grease and greasy foods like rashers. The thing with ghost ants is that you may not even realize you have a colony inside the home until they all swarm out when you leave something edible on the table, floor or counter.

Roger’s Ants

Roger’s ants are caramel coloured and about 2 mm in length. They have a stinger and use it quite readily. They prefer living indoors and forage almost constantly for food. Adults can develop wings, in which case you will need a professional exterminator to apply a flying ants killer treatment. Roger’s ants are commonly found around water sources, like around drain pipe entry points.

Preventing Ants in the Home

The single most effective step you can take to prevent ants in the home is to practice good hygiene. Don’t leave food out on the counter, even to thaw. Keep as much food as you can inside the fridge, including flour, tea and sugar. When you cook, wipe countertops more than once. Lift up items on the counter and wipe underneath. Sweep floors nightly.

If you have pets that eat in the home, take up their food bowls when they are finished eating. Certain ants will swiftly swarm to pet food bowls. They may be so small you don’t even see them, but you’ll know when your pet eschews the food.

For food that must be stored at room temperature, use canisters that seal completely. Glass and metal canisters are preferable, but plastic is useful, too.

If you do have an ant infestation in your home, contact us for spraying for ants. We can come out and inspect the situation and come up with the best ant pest control solution for your needs, such as using a house ants killer treatment formula. The sooner you call, the sooner your home can be free from ants.

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