None of us like the thought of having to call in the vermin / rodent control company to take care of a mice or rat infestation.  Experiencing the tell tale signs of vermin in our home; droppings, chewing and scratching noises and food items they have gotten into.  The facts are that it does happen and the contamination and damage they leave behind required immediate and urgent attention.

Effective Pest Control are vermin and rodent control specialists.

Vermin / Rodent Control

Our 4 Steps to Solving Your Problem

  1. Inspect: To determine the most appropriate approach , we need a complete understanding of the vermin or rodent situation you have. This includes an understanding of the rodents as well as the structural and environmental conditions that affect their populations. We conduct a thorough physical inspection of your home as well as listening to your specific concerns.
  2. Prescribe: Our experienced technicians evaluate the pest conditions and various possible treatment options. Using information gathered during inspection, we evaluate the situation and work out the solution to exterminate the pest. This strategy often includes a remedy to address current issues as well as taking preventative measures so as to avoid future problems.
  3. Communicate: Our technicians will take the necessary time to help you understand what to expect from the services we are providing, educate you on the treatment options, and tell you what you can do to assist in the process. We invite you to always ask question about treatment options before, during or after treatment.
  4. Follow Up: Follow-up with a second call out allows us to ensure that you are satisfied with the results during all phases of the process, the initial service and into the future.

Rat Control

While some pests can be dealt with reasonably well without professional help, it is essential that you contact a professional rat control specialist as soon as you know you have a rat infestation so that they can implement the proper rat control procedures. Rats can cause immense damage to food stuffs and buildings.

They can gnaw through almost anything they come in contact with, from electric cables to plastic piping, insulation in the home, heating systems and plastics. Rats can breed throughout the year but given ideal conditions they can produce between 600 – 700 offspring in their life. Rats are primarily nocturnal but may be active during daylight hours when the population is high. They will eat nearly any type of food such as cereal, grains, meats, fish and nuts. Food items from household rubbish offer a balanced diet and usually satisfies their moisture needs. Rats have poor eyesight and depend on hearing and their excellent sense of smell. Rats are more common during winter, and cooler weather generally and like to live near supplies of food and water. They multiply rapidly, with each female capable of around six litters every year, with each litter producing half a dozen to a dozen baby rats – ie up to 60 offspring of rats a year – if you don’t handle the rat problem rapidly.

It is therefore very important to contact a professional to exercise rat control procedures as soon as you notice an infestation. Even if you are suspicious of a rat infestation problem do you need to call the pest control experts – we’ll come out for a free inspection.

Rats in Attic

During the winter, rats and mice alike will find your empty, warm and dry attic the perfect place to stay and breed. So if you hear rustling in the attic the likeliness is that it’s mice or rats in the attic!

Mouse Control

A mice infestation can be very troublesome; just one can destroy and poison food, a whole family will rapidly destroy your home. If you are one of the many people afraid of mice or not, getting rid of mice can be more troublesome than it’s worth. These furry rodents carry diseases, are a nuisance with their constant gnawing and destruction of your property, and have even been known to be a potential fire hazard. Thus professional mouse control is essential to rid of these rodents.

If you have an mice infestation mice, it is essential that you apply mouse control techniques and call a professional to be sure of getting rid of the problem. In general, however, mice will not generally be attracted to a place if there is no food available there. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and storing your food away where mice can’t get in is therefore a good way of keeping mice away. This needs to be done within your property and around it. For example, in a back yard -make sure piles of waste do not build up.

Mice breed very quickly so it is important to get rid of your mise infestation as soon as you can. To be sure of achieving this properly, it is best to invite a professional to take care of the job, or at least ask them for advice.

There are many tried and tested techniques for getting rid of mice, and our pest control technician is adept to many of the most tried and proven to eliminate mice from your premises and proof them against the re-occurence of this pest.

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