Silverfish are a very common pest in Ireland; they are also known as fish moths or carpet sharks.

Silverfish can live in any environment, however, they mostly like dark and damp areas.

In large numbers, they can do a lot of damage to your properties. Pest control experts have recently reported that the number of silverfish infestations has significantly increased in Ireland. Luckily, they can be exterminated successfully.

Interesting Facts about Silverfish

Silverfish are insects with a teardrop-shaped and wingless body of 12-19 mm in length. They have a tail-like appearance. Their colours are brown-grey or bluish-silver.

Silverfish are usually found in attics, bathrooms, basements, kitchens and other areas of a house with high humidity.

They have destructive feeding habits. Silverfish can damage different types of household items, including

  • books
  • clothing
  • fabric
  • paintings
  • papers
  • photos
  • wallpaper

Oftentimes, people bring pests in their homes unwittingly in boxes and containers. Silverfish can also get into a house through cracks in the foundation or walls, gaps in doors, torn screens and other entry points. Any dirty dishes or left over food will attract silverfish as well.

Silverfish Treatment

With silverfish pest control, you can get rid of them and prevent them from coming back to your living environment.

Contact your local pest control experts at Effective Pest Control. You can schedule a pest control inspection first to see what the experts say.

Qualified technicians will analyse your problem carefully. They will recommend a pest control solution and provide you with a quote.

Then they will propose a treatment plan for your problem. Using the most effective and safe silverfish control methods, technicians will remove the annoying pests quickly and successfully.

They will also provide you with some pest control tips to prevent silverfish infestations in the future, such as reducing the humidity in your house with more ventilation.

Professional Silverfish Pest Control Services

Silverfish can be a big problem that needs to be resolved professionally. Both the silverfish and their nests have to be treated.

Our certified pest control technicians provide effective and safe silverfish pest control tailored to your needs. This type of treatment will allow you to get rid of silverfish once and for all.

At Effective Pest Control, we are always ready to provide you with effective Silverfish pest control services. Contact us today to schedule a home inspection and get a service quote!

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