What’s in my pantry? – Guest Post by ProBest Pest Management

You slept well last night, you didn’t toss and turn and you feel relaxed. You finally decide to roll out of bed and stumble down to make breakfast. Your eyes are finally getting to be in full open mode and you open that cabinet to make your coffee and you see something moving. Oh my gosh there are things flying all over the pantry and landing all over the groceries.

Not a good way to start your day, so what are these little bugs? Well it’s probably a stored product pest and we will talk about a few of these bugs that infest pantry products. There are a variety of beetles and moths that can cause some serious issues within businesses and home. These pests can get into grains, flour, spices, dog/cat food, cereals and pasta. The larva of the moths does the damage and depending on the species of beetles they will attack whole or broken grains. There are other pests that invade stored products as well such as weevils and mites; we will save those for another day. Some of these pests may require a call to your local Pest Management Professional. They have the knowledge to solve those tricky little issues.

Beetles may include drugstore, confused flour and saw-toothed grain and most often you might see them within the flour or product. This product should just be thrown away, I suggest freezing the groceries when you bring them home – this should kill all eggs within the product and then you can transfer it to plastic containers to store in. The art of control is best followed practicing prevention, sanitation, proper storage rotation of all stock, ventilation and then if there are pests present, control. ie (NPCA Field Guide to Structural Pest). Typically if you encounter moths it will be Indianmeal, Angoumois or Mediterranean and as mentioned above the larva is the one that will damage the food. The adult’s sole purpose is to mate and lay eggs.

Keith V Birkemeyer
ProBest Pest Management
Gilbert, AZ 85233

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