When to call the exterminator

Calling the exterminator to get rid of your pest can be a last resort.  An exterminator is usually an expert in certain types of pest control services – from wasp nest removal to finding where the rats are getting in and blocking them off.

Exterminators these days have their hands full with insect, bird and vermin.

Where an exterminator was once called; people are browsing the net – finding out what to do and taking matters into their own hands.There are many how-to guides on the internet these days so finding the resources to get rid of pests is becoming a diy job.

One recent job we did in Dun Loaghaire where a couple who have been trying to sell their house. However the couple were having a consistent problem with rats finding their way into the house.   They had spent thousands on companies to ‘rat-proof’ their house and with no success.  The occupants of the house were at their wits end.  We were called and offered them a no product, no fee service.  They were naturally happy to go along with this since so many other pest control companies had failed.

Rats will find their way into the house through nooks, crannies, drain pipes, pipes underneath the house and through cracks in the roof.  We located where the rats were coming into – filled these exterior entry points and they don’t have crawling rats in their walls and ceiling any longer.

While pest problems such as flies, mosquitos, ants and even mice and rats can be tackled, often the root source is not located; causing the pest to return even after poisoning or diy treatment.  Often poison and diy ‘pest control’ products end up costing more just because of the retail price charged and then hope you get rid of your pest.

So weigh up whether calling the pest control experts saves you time and money in the end.  We’re here at your service.

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