Why Choose Effective Pest Control Dublin

Why Choose Effective Pest Control Dublin

Hours of Operation

We are committed to keeping our customer satisfied and we want to be there when you need us so we offer our services 24 hours a day 7 days a week including Bank/Public Holidays.


The services are designed and provided with the safety of customers, operatives, children, pets and all non-target species as our priority.
Effective Pest Control uses only specialist professional treatment products which are fully licensed for use in Ireland and comply with Irish legislation.
Products used are professional grade and are therefore generally only available to professional pest controllers.
Rodenticides are secured in special tamper-proof bait boxes to prevent accidental access.
Eradication of pests from your property is carried out using products and procedures thoroughly tested and certified for use in Ireland to ensure treatments are humane.


Our prices are lower than all other professional pest control companies.

Vehicles and Operatives

Service provision is discreet and only plain/unsigned vehicles are used.
I.D will be shown on all visits.
Inspection/treatment reports and advice will be provided to customers during each visit.


Fully trained and appropriately certified to undertake professional pest control services with over twenty years experience in pest control, Public/Environmental Health disciplines and defective drain/sewer/flooding investigation.
Effective Pest Control carries full public and product liability insurance.

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