Woodworm treatment

woodwormWoodworm is the name for a family of insects that bore through wood as larvae where they live until fully formed as insects (namely beetles).   A female insect will typically lay her eggs on rough wood or in some hold or crevice of some timber device.  These eggs will hatch and the larvae will live off the wood for up to 3 years.  Following this they will have fully formed into a beetle – which bores it’s way out of the wood – mates with another female beetle and it starts all over again. These ‘worms’ can be extremely damaging to both structural wood and common furniture – and thus woodworm treatment is required.

The larvae of the furniture and death watch beetles (very common ones) are also woodworms.

At Effective Pest Control Dublin,  woodworm treatment services are handled and treated on a regular basis.  If left and not handled rapidly, woodworm can drastically weaken and harm the structure of your building.

I can’t possibly have woodworm…

Do you find yourself dusting wood dust?   Are you finding little piles of wood dust in some places?  How about little holes or tiny tunnels in your woodwork.   The wood can become very weak and floor timbers can eventually be stepped through.   There are sure signs for woodworm and you need to watch out for them.

Are you unsure whether you have woodworm?  Call us at Effective Pest Control Dublin and we’ll check it out for you.  If it is a genuine problem, we’ll sort it out for your straight away.

How can you prevent woodworm?

There are a number of woodworm treatments, that if applied to wood, would not only kill woodworm but also prevent it from coming back ever again.Sometimes woodworm will have done too much damage and structural damage and you will need to replace one or several beams affected or part thereof.   Woodworm often doesn’t come to light until a house is being sold, renovated or surveyed – at which point sometimes whole renovation projects are required to handle the problem and sort out the damaged woodwork.

Did you know that termites are also ‘woodworms’ and are the most damaging of wood boring insects?!

What can Effective Pest Control do?

Woodworm can cause massive damage to the structure of a building but can usually be completely sorted out if handled well and on time.   Sometimes wood has to be replaced however most of the time a wood treatment can sort out the problem and protect the wood against future problems.  Once we handle a woodworm problem, we give it a guarantee of lasting protection so it does not recur.

What we will do:

We will come to your premises and thoroughly inspect the woodworm damage.  We will check the visible problem and any adjoining ‘unseen’ woodwork to check for woodworm infestation.

Once we have done our inspection, we will detail out our work to you and go over everything we see necessary to be done and treated.  If any damage needs to be replaced, depending on the scale, we can fix it or recommend a professional carpenter to do the work.

Upon your approval, we will treat the wood and this will kill off the woodworm.  It might take a while for all the woodworm to die (up to a year) but once they are all dead – and this is guaranteed – our treatment will also keep away any future infestations as well.

To arrange your woodworm treatment inspection simply call a team member on: (086) 233 7727 or email us on info@effectivepestcontrol.ie or fill out our Request a Call Back Form above.

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